April 30: A 4-bagger for Richard Petty

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April 30th was a very, very good career day for The King. He won 4 times on that day.

Pardon my tardiness in posting this. Traveling to Denver, CO this week for work. Limited time to bench race. So while a day late, here goes...

1966 Rebel 400


1967 Richmond 250


1970 Columbia 200


1972 Virginia 500


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I'll re-surface one of my posts on April 30 in case anyone wants to comment here or my individual blog posts. I'm particularly interested in any new pics or stories folks may have to share from any of these 4 races.

At the risk of over self-promotion, I'll bump this post again. Fascinates me that NASCAR had 4 April 30th races at 4 different tracks over the 7 year span from 1966-1972 - and that the King won all four of them.

Next time we race on April 30 my money is on Richard!

If they still raced at Columbia, tonight - Thursday April 30, 2015 - would be the night.


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