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Myrtle Beach SC- ZRN news has learned that last night the Goat Rodeo got out of hand. There was way too much fun being had in the Goat Rodeo Studios. Neighbors called the Police who questioned all party goers and after many hours of investigation and consultation of the South Congaree Police Commissioner because he personally knew all involved several arrest were made. The photo below show one of the culprits being led to the back of a Racers Reunion Police Cruiser.  RR Police Chief Eli Gilder stated more arrest may follow and ZRN news will continue to follow this story and bring updates as they become available.




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OMG!!! Hope no banned substances were found, like brie or popcorn!

Hoping no one was taken in just wearing their ubatuba shorts, but then again....

still want to know if them things come in left hand and right hand styles, just saying


  You know that behind that glass those guys could become the next great Models for them 

Ubatuba Shorts,something like these --------hmmmmm


Chippendales Tickets

I could here the racket all the way in Dawsonville!!!......via skype! lol

I was not going to say anything after what I saw and was involved in a couple weeks ago when visiting but thank heavens Devin is there to somewhat keep things under control....


Bill are you in the loop up on professional drive in Mrytle Beach?  

JM, Went there thinking I was going to be "In the Loop"  but as you can see in the picture I ended up somewhere else......

LOL... Bill and Johnny!  This calls for a bit of drumming!

  / \ / \ / \ / \   do whop..../ \ / \ whop, whop / \ / \ / \ /!!

Only the lady on the rock could come up with those colors.  And she got them plenty of security too..  Now thats a working PR person.   Now to see how long she holds out for more money until the bunch behind the glass gets to her.

  Dave,with your willingness to infiltrate the upper echelon you may be the next leader of rhe Laundromat Five.  That is if someone can get the Goat out of hock down at the local pokey.

   So with Tim tucked snugly in his Lair and Cody hid up behind the pool hall they seem safe enough for now.  That is as long as Ma keeps Buddy fed and happy otherwise he may go on the loose hunting that dang goat again. Dave is out hunting those lost roads and "W" wont be no help because he is busy teaching them hillbillys how to turn left in sequence.  Bill McPeek  may have purchased a pair of those fire suit undies when he was up there and he is laying low in Sunny Fla saying should I or should I not.  Jimmy Johnson is up in York country covering the straightliners with  Mr Go Fast himself.   He better watch that beauty he is with there because she hasnt lost an ounce of her looks but what can I say about Wally--You still the man though.

  Ok ive walked the beach and took in the late nite scenery with my sugar so its time to settle in for the nite before I Get PKL fired up at me AGAIN.    

   Couldnt swear to it but it was quiet tonite on the walk north at the Ormand/Daytona city limit area ,but it sounded like a 80 over 59A with a 400 jr cam was hauling freight north just off the low tide mark, But there was no lights on the car so I couldnt actually make out who it was but a voice up along where the Aliki Atrium condos and the Georgian inn beach clubs are. It was calling out something that sounded like Cigars,Cigarettes,Cigarillos and Hava a Tampa Jewels sold right here. But the thunder would drown the voice out at times,almost like a group of old modifieds going by.   This doesnt go on in the daytime but you let the beach clear out at night and if all is right you almost feel the wind change as the cars haul tail north on the beach.   Yeah I know some of you are wanting the men in the little white suits to come get me and take me away  but if I wasnt entertaining you with my thunder on the beach ---You just may be thinking of trying on your Yuba Tuba offset shorts and seeing if they do indeed keep what Jeff "says" from happening.....    More tomorrow nite on the great American Passtime.  Walkin the strand with my baby  and remember great and fast times in Daytona/Ormond Beach Fla.    




The Rev. Jimmy Stagger done warned y'all, the best he could, about listening to this mess! 


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