Ghost Track Noise Problem as Analyzed by U.S. DOT - Beltsville Speedway

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This might be of interest to both the historians of racing history and those of you RR members with technical expertise.

The best race I ever saw was at the ghost track Beltsville Speedway north of Washington, DC in Maryland. I have covered that in other posts.

I happened to think of Beltsville again when I saw a results sheet posted by Jack Walker from Old Dominion asking for Beltsville finishes.

What did Beltsville in was the same thing that did in so many other tarcks, encroachment by neighbors who complained of noise.

Beltsville was still darned near brand new when it closed. They tried everything, including high sound barrier walls and mufflers on the cars.

What is very interesting, is that in 1976, the United States Department of Transportation published a study conducted at Beltsville of sound abatement procedures and wrote an extensive article on the subject.

If your local track is catching flack from the neighbors about noise, you can give the promoter a copy of this report from United States Government experts!

Link to full report on U. S. Government study on race track noise:

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Beltsville opened in 1965 and closed after the 1978 season. In the Larry Jendras, Jr. photo below from the Vintage Racer web site, the Beltsville "Sound Wall" is visible behind the cars.


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