In a change from Hugh Babb, I have another question.

On Saturday June 22 1957, Gordon Bishop raced a "supercharged Studebaker Commander" #33 at Crystal Springs Speedway.

Does anyone have a decent picture of the car (the one I have is of Gordon squatting by the door and you can only see the middle section), who won the race and where did Gordon finish?

Thanks again,

Andrew in rainy England

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Here's a cool Gordon Bishop photo posted by Bobby Dupree at the Alabama Racing Pioneers web site:

Thanks Dave.

Thios is the 41 Stude coupe that had a flathead Ford V-8 that Ed Samples worked on the supercharger.

The one I am after is the later 53 coupe that was also supercharged.



On Saturday June 22 1957, Gordon Bishop raced a "supercharged Studebaker Commander" #33 at Crystal Springs Speedway.
Location of Crystal Springs Speedway? England? USA?
Here's some websites and photo location that might helped you out:

Gordon Bishop in #33 Studebaker supercharged Commander
Gordon Bishop raced a 41 Studebaker, also #33, called the Grey Gull
After almost 60 years, the sons of two famous Alabama stock car drivers got together to present the IMSHOF with pictures of their fathers and their cars. Gordon Bishop and Calvin Cobb were two of the most formidable competitors in automobile racing in the late 1940’s through the 1950’s. Both drivers, who were good friends, raced out of Anniston Alabama, and competed at Anniston Speedway, Doc Brown’s Eastaboga track, Cedartown and Lakewood Speedways in Georgia, Fairground Speedway in Birmingham, Montgomery Speedway, and Daytona just to name a few. Gordon Bishop piloted cars built and sponsored by Bob Dupree, owner of Model City Motors in Anniston . Calvin Cobb built his first modified car, a 1939 Ford #11 in 1951.
In 1955 he drove car #41 built and sponsored by A. J. Weldon of Anniston. Gordon Bishop first drove Bob Dupree’s 1939 Ford coupe #33 in 1951.
The #33 1941 Studebaker Champion Coupe pictured was the second car built by Dupree for Bishop. The body and front end were customized by Ed, Oscar, and Joe Trantham. It was powered by a Ford flathead V8 engine, built and modified with a supercharger by Ed Samples, and fitted by mechanics Jack Harper and Howard Boswell. Shortly after its introduction, the #33 Studebaker – named “The Model City Special”, broke the track speed record at Fairgrounds Speedway in Birmingham , turning in a 27.50 second lap time for the half mile oval track.
In 1953, Bishop raced the Studebaker at the Daytona Beach and Road Course. Both men competed with drivers like Sonny Black, Doc Brown, Jake Hatcher, Joe Lee Johnson, Bill Latham, Frank Reed, Bob Reuther, Ed Samples, Nero Steptoe, Fred Thompson, Fletcher Ford, Horace Pitts, Lamar Crabtree, Harold and Freddie Fryer, and Tommy Wells.


Hugh Babb Studebaker Bo Fields

Hugh Babb Studebaker

Gordon Bishop

Calvin Cobb

Bill Latham
This is a '59 or '60 photo taken at the fairgrounds of a Hugh Babb creation sporting the supercharged Studebaker engine that powered the well remembered 1953 Golden Studebaker Starlite Coupe in earlier years.

Bill Latham Hugh Babbs Studebaker

Bill Latham Birmingham News

Dennis Garrett
Richmond,Va. USA


Thank you.

Silly of me - Crystal Springs Speed way is in the USA, we don't have names like that in England!


Here's some websites and photo location that might helped you out:
#33 The Golden Studebaker driver Harold Fryar

#33 Fonty Flock driving Hugh Babb Special Studebaker

Newspaper photo #33 race car Hugh Babb Special Studebaker with Hoyt Beasley, Hugh Babb, Cannonball Brown

125656 3

Dennis Garrett
Richmond,Va. USA

Cheers, Dennis.

Some of these I had but not with the comments written on. But the last Harold Fryer one I  had not seen before.




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