It has been a week now, and I still feel miserable. I want to publicly apologize if I offended ANYONE in the "Chat Room" during the airing of "MotorWeek Live" last Monday night, especially "Mr. Ray". I would never intentionally offend anyone. Just kinda fell right into one of those moments of being too comfortable. It would break my heart to know I had done anything to bring any shame, by my actions to this site. You all have been nothing but kind, and welcoming to me. Listening and reading all of your comments and remarks, being able to see all the pictures and videos, takes me to a place that I am no longer physically able to go. I guess I am sort of middle road here....not the oldest, but by far not the youngest. I need you guys...and I'm not sure if it has been the good Lord, my Momma, my Pop...or all three of them up there, but I sure have toted a whoopin this past week....much love to you all....Patsy

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Patsy, I didn't see what you wrote in chat during "Motorweek Live", but, believe me, hardly anyone would take offense to anything said here.  We all have the habit, especially me, of talking in jest most of the time.  We make comments to each other that would make someone unfamiliar with this group of folks think we all hate each other, but we know better.  I can usually distinguish when a rude remark is intended as a rude remark and believe me, I get many.  So, please hang in with us.  Hope you'll be here tonight at 7:00 for The Goat Rodeo. 

Thank ya'll!! I do feel much better now that I have gotten it off my chest....I just felt like I didn't know Mr. Ray well enough to be making that kind of comment to him. NO MATTER...IT IS OVER :) I am what I am LOL Did not show up last night....went to bed quite early. I will SO be there tonight for the Goat Rodeo! Good Lord, is there a Board Meeting going on? There are 50 people in the Main Room! I do SOOOO love ya'll!!!!

                First on R/R I had Tim to argue with,and Lord he did a good job of rebuttals on most issues----then PKL  appeared on the scene and now it is fun fun fun and Jeff wont take the T-Bird away either.

    Now I see you like to parlay too so it should get interesting this year with you three and Dave Fulton in there also...

      But you know what?? everybody on R/R is fun to be around,if only on the keyboard and every so often in photo perfect images.   So fear not young lady,you got a looooong way to go before you even get an eyebrow raised atcha  You may just become the Queen of the Show one nite----------------------or two         See Ya in Turn Four!!!!!

You my dear didnt see nothing---all you doing is living on what you think you saw or maybe what you heard on the gossip channel---m,y  guess is you saw it on the radio    correct??

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