Located just south of Cleveland Ohio, almost where Interstates 77 and 480 cross, this 1/4 mile oval sat on one side of the Cuyahoga Valley, making for some great acoustics, similar I imagine to Thunder Valley Tennessee. It sat almost right next to the I-480 bridge, in some pictures looking toward the backstretch the concrete bridge pillars can be seen. Ran from ( I believe ) 1959-1990. Best track in Northeast Ohio in my mind.

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one more pic I found
Bill: Cloverleaf opened in 1960 and closed after the 1990 season. I missed the first few years, being in the Army, but partnered up with two friends and ran in the old "hardtop" division, "pony cars" and late models. We sold our stuff to Ron Stokey in 1976 and became spectators, as the cost of racing and tires were out of our reach, budget-wise.


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