Lloyd Dane Oldest Living Nascar Winner

Lloyd Dane, the youngest of the three Dane Brothers, went to a race in the late 1940’s and thought he could probably drive a race car as good as anyone else. One day he wandered into the shop of Fred Steinbroner in Inglewood, California and asked him how do you get going in this sport? With the advice from Steinbruner and others, Lloyd Dane set out on a career that would see him not only be the first NASCAR Pacific Coast Late Model Champion in 1954, but to win the title again in 1956 and 1957. His first big win came at the Sacramento Mile in 1956, driving a Mercury. After that, he went on to win eleven more events in his career, including four that were Grand National events. In a career that spanned nearly 20 seasons, Lloyd finished no less than nine time in the top ten in West Coast points. He drove Hudson Hornets, Mercury’s, Fords, Chevrolets, Olds and a Plymouth

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