you know the old saying,your never too old to learn.  well I just learned something that nearly bowled me over.  being an old flat head racer from the past,I have always had a love for the old engine with the stromberg carburater.  now I learn of the ARDUN flat head. it was or is a plain ol flat headv8 with ARDUN cnversion heads that turn it into a overhead valve hemi. looks like a chrystler.  still has the two water pumps on front,the generator on top and the oil vent cap on the back top wit two side by side carburaters.  was first built in manhatan NY. and raced in England.  unbelievable hp,and fuel milage. there ares specs online if you want to research it. wat I wouldn.t have give to had that back in the day. it was used in the mid 50 and as I can tell is still avalible.  any of you flat head guys here? let me know what you think

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Comment by Bobby Williamson on February 18, 2014 at 2:29pm

Never seen a real-live Ardun...but lots of pictures of them.  They did look like a Chrysler Hemi.

Comment by bill mcpeek on February 11, 2014 at 6:18pm

There's got to be a bunch of flat head guys on here William. We cant be the only two .lol. I have a friend here in Orlando that has several of the Ardun conversion motors. Quite an impressive motor. My friend Red Staufer is a retired Sprint car driver and drives his Ardun street rod to the moonshine festival every year.

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