Buck Baker had some buildings at the Charlotte Airport rented where he worked on his and buddys cars.  me and neil took our car over there as the Richmond race was coming up in a few days with a sat. night stop at Bowman grey then on to Richmond from there for a sunday race.  we put neils car in one of the buildings and was lending a hand with their cars.  a couple of guys showed up wearing suits and identified themselves as the FBI.  they wanted to know where Neils Ford was.  neil told them it was in one of the buildings so they wanted us to put it on jacks and leave them alone.  a while later they came up to the building we were in and told neil they had been looking for that car. it was stolen in Chicago in 58. they told neil he was in the clear but they were back tracking to find out who had the car first.  Holman moody had the car when Eddie pagan went through the guard rail at Darlington with it.   never found out if anyone got charged but that happened a lot . cars got stolen,brought south and turned into race cars.

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Comment by Tim Leeming on February 11, 2014 at 12:14pm

Now that was a story from back in the day.  I know of at least one competitor I used to race against who was driving a car that was stolen.  He didn't steal it but found out after he had built it into a racer that it had been parked along the interstate and someone stole it and sold it for parts.  What the competitor got was all the parts he needed to have a race car.  lol.  Thanks William.

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