some people ask you if you can't win, why do you drive a race car? even some broadcasters don't get it. some say if you never win, you're not a race car driver. I would like to offer my two cents worth.  when I started racing as a teen, driving the local tracks. I didn't have the money or knowhow to build a winning car. I went with what I had and I wasn't alone. several cars racing didn't have the best either probably half the cars didn't have a chance to win but guess what. the other half of us raced each other from race to race. we drove  each race to out run as many cars as we could.  same in the cup cars, or the bush cars and the trucks.  I called myself a race car driver whether anybody else thought so or not.  thats my two cents worth.  willie

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Comment by william ellis williams on February 16, 2014 at 11:00am

thats great

Comment by Tim Leeming on February 16, 2014 at 9:31am

That's a great two cents worth!  I'm another guy who never won a race but finished second so many times I finally changed my car number to 2 the third season I was racing.  A few months back I went to my grandson's birthday party as he was turning 10.  He introduced me to his friends there as his "Pop, The Legend", the man who has more second place finishes than anyone in NASCAR.  That was a very cute and special moment. 

The hardest thing I have had to explain to him is when I went to the NASCAR Hall of Fame Induction this past January as the guest of Matty McDaniel, Fireball's grandson.  He watched the entire 2 hour television show and saw me a couple of times but just can't understand why I am not in the Hall of Fame.  Still working on explaining that one to him, but I have convinced him that the ONLY Hall of Fame that means anything to me is being in the "Pop" Hall of Fame. 

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