we had a race at Columbia SC one night, we had had a string of rain outs and the pettys didn't bring a crew figuring another rain out.  it was cloudy,cold and the pits were a lot of mud.I volenteered to help pit richards car as they were beside us in the pits.  I was shivering from the cold. Richard had a real nice knee length grey coat he wore and he had layed it accross the fence in back of the pits.  Lee saw me shivering and said,son go get richards coat and put it on, your freezing.  well I put richards coat on and when Richard came by he glanced over in the pits and saw me with his presous coat on. bout broke his neck looking back going down the straitaway.  guess he knew I was going to get mud all over it when he came in.  well, naturally when it was time, I took it off befor he came in.  after the race he never said anything but he looked at me and gave me that richard grin.

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Comment by Tim Leeming on February 11, 2014 at 12:11pm

Great story William.  I was at that race for sure because I never missed on at Columbia Speedway. Had to be the April race.  I remember several times those races got cold.

Thanks for sharing.  I am loving your memories.  You are a prize for this site so keep them coming.

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