Roy was usually a mild tempered guy but at times he could go off.  at times when we weren't at southern pines working on the olds, we would be at Roy's garage where we were putting a 60 ford together.  something would go wrong and roy would tell me to go outside. he would close the door and lock it then for the next fifteen or twenty minutes I would hear all kind of things bouncing of the walls inside.  then after a little silence he would open the door and we would go around the garage locating all the items that had went flying and go back to work. I've seen Neil do something in the pits to get Roy set off, and he would chase neil all through the pits over the hoods of race cars the fence through the infield and back. all in fun but pretty funny to everybody.

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Comment by Tim Leeming on February 13, 2014 at 9:42am

Lol.  Had to laugh really hard at the description of what went on inside the garage when you were locked out.  My Uncle Bobby, the one who got me involved with racing when I was 5 was like that with his temper.  If he scraped knuckle when a wrench slipped or whatever, the offending tool would go flying into the field next to the house.  He worked under the shade of a huge pecan tree in the yard.  Every Sunday it was my job to walk through the tall broom sage (what we called it) in the field and find all the tools.  Sometimes the load go heavy.  But he rarely used his temper AGAINST anyone. It was just the tools and cars that would set him off.  Thanks for another great story.

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